We are the MAYE family, guardians of a long history

It all began in 1889, when Léonide Maye founded this historic winery in the Valais region. Then, 75 years ago, Cécile and Germaine, the founder’s daughters, popped a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the acquisition of the Clos de Balavaud. Since then, our company has continued to develop. In pursuit of innovation and quality, our team works in a spirit of tradition and respect for our precious heritage.

The wines from Clos de Balavaud have received numerous prestigious awards. The passion for wine and the expertise of the winery have been passed down from Léonide MAYE to Germaine MAYE and her husband. Now, it’s their grandson, Roger Rémondeulaz, and his daughter, Claire, who take care of these vineyards. In their hands, they hold the treasures shaped by the exceptional terroir of Clos de Balavaud.

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  • Helden
  • Collection
  • GOLD

For discerning enthusiasts

A heritage range, characterized by its distinctive personalities created by Robert Héritier.
The wines in this range fully express the character of the grape varieties and reveal the diversity of the vintages. The viticultural work is carried out with rigor, maturity and yields are optimized and the grapes are harvested by hand.


Since 2019, the MAYE winery has been a proud pioneer of the IP-SUISSE project, which aims to promote wine production that conserves resources and encourages biodiversity in the vineyards. We are delighted to promote the work of our winegrowers who are part of this approach.

a tribute to the pioneering women of the maye family

Immerse yourself in the story of Germaine and Cécile MAYE. In 1910, Léonide MAYE’s two adventurous daughters decided to pack their bags and travel around Europe. To keep their family informed, they regularly sent telegrams to their father. We named this fresh, cheerful range of wine in honour of these two great, rebellious ladies.

1889 collection

This magnificent, limited production range was created in honour of the year Léonide Maye founded the Fils Maye winery. A visionary, he chose to build it at the foot of the train station to facilitate the transportation of wines.

The gems of our TERROIRS

The GOLD range brings together the nectars of the MAYE winery. These exceptional wines, sourced from domains or specific sites, will immerse you in the heart of the Valais vineyard. Through this range, we share the secrets of the winery, its heritage and the ancestral expertise passed down from father to daughter.


MAYE’s estates, including the famous Clos de Balavaud, are the natural jewels of a precious heritage, handed down from generation to generation since 1889. LES GRANDS ORS embody the quintessence of family know-how, revealing with patience and devotion the treasures of exceptional terroirs. Sublimated by the virtuosity of passionate goldsmiths, they invite you on a sensory and timeless journey.

Passion for Wine

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Easter Recipes

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