Guests of honour at the 62nd Valais Fair

This year we celebrated the 62nd edition of the Fair together. The theme of travel and mobility is a passion that we share!

Check out the page dedicated to MAYE.

On this occasion, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the acquisition of Clos de Balavaud.

Le 28 mars 1947, Germaine, Cécile et leur frère Alphonse acquièrent le Clos de Balavaud. Et il y a maintenant 75 ans que ce clos appartient à la même famille et est restée dans la Maison MAYE.

It’s none other than Roger Rémondeulaz, grandson of Germaine, who was the daughter of Léonide (founder of the winery), who now looks after the vines with this ancestral know-how. Having grown up alongside the vines, Roger Rémondeulaz has carried the passion for the Clos de Balavaud since his earliest childhood. Alongside Jules and Léonide (a descendent of the founder), he took over the winery in 1993. He has been running it with passion for 30 years now.

In their youth, as early as 1910, Cécile and Germaine, the daughters of founder Léonide, were driven by the desire to explore Europe. This led to their first trip to Venice, a destination from which they began sending telegrams to their father.

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